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Transalpine Translations can deliver punctually high-quality translations, executed by specialists in their respective fields, and proof-read by our in-house team. We translate to and from all the languages of Europe, as well as Chinese, Russian and Hindi. Transalpine Translations was founded in 1992 by Andrew Bone. Andrew Bone is Australian, and has been a translator for over 30 years. He specialises in environmental science, but has worked in many other fields, including engineering, law, and marketing. Among our many clients are government agencies and private companies across Switzerland.

Fields of Expertise

We work only with proven specialists who have experience and specific knowledge in the following fields:

Transalpine Translations

Scientific documents and reports

Chemistry, physics, mathematics, biology, environmental science, educational materials



The director of Transalpine is a scientist with many years of experience in translations of scientific documents and reports for many prestigious government agencies and consulting firms.


Our specialist in environmental science, Andrew Bone, BSc Environmental Science, MSc Environmental Management, Diploma Pollution Control, is a qualified environmental auditor, and has more than 20 years experience in translations of EIA, environmental audits, ISO 14000, EMAS, LCA, and other reports and technical documents, in fields from ecology to construction, asbestos abatement to hazardous goods transport.

Our past and present clients include the Swiss Federal office for the Environment FOEN, METAS, SUVA, and many environmental consultancies and other firms, including Carbotech, VSOE and Basler and Hofmann.

Websites and computing

Transalpine has its own department for the design, optimization and translation of websites. We have more than fifteen years experience in translations of website content, and the adaptation of sites to be multilingual.

We can transform your current website into a multilingual site which works well with search engines such as Google, ensuring that all languages and content are indexed well, which will ensure potential clients in all your market areas will find your site easily by relevant keyword searches.

Medicine and Pharmaceuticals

From clinical trials to examination reports and conference papers, Transalpine has a great deal of experience in medical translations. These can be highly technical, and need to be done by translators who have the right knowledge and language skills. The cost of a good medical translation can be more than normal translations, but we attempt to find more economic solutions, without compromising quality ever.

Transalpine has a number of clients in the medical field, such as Bracco Suisse, Bracco Italia, Corel Medical, and Mendrisio Hospital, as well as numerous doctors and specialists, who use our services for patient reports and other technical documents.

Transalpine has translated several websites and clinical trial reports for Bracco International, Roche, and other Pharma companies, as well as seminar brochures and material for the Lugano seminar centre, and outpatient reports and other documents for Bern, Zurich and Ticinese hospitals.

Transalpine Translations

Industrial processes and Engineering

Chemical engineering, civil engineering, industrial safety, ISO 9000/14000, environmental reports and audits, EIA, robotics, PLC, railways, construction, tunnelling



Engineering is our major field. We have put together a team of specialists who regularly produce high-quality technical translations in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese. We apply a rigorous internal quality control system to maintain the reliability of our product quality.

The director of Transalpine is a technical writer and translator, with university qualifications, who has over twenty years of experience in editing and proof-reading translations of engineering documents for a broad range of clients in the private and public sectors.


Building and civil engineering projects require a broad range of documents, from concept proposals, through planning and environmental impact statements, to technical reports, websites and PR media information. These can be highly technical and must be done by someone with a very good understanding of the specific field. Transalpine has found, verified and trained up a unique team of such specialists, who confirm the quality of their work through the high level of client satisfaction.

Our past and present clients from the construction industry include firms such as Ernst Basler & Partner, Basler and Hofmann, AlpTransit, Pöyry Svizzera, Pato Engineering, SBB and Hupac Intermodal Terminals.

Environmental Engineering

Environmental engineering is the specialist field of Andrew Bone (MSc Environmental Management, Imperial College London), the founder and director of Transalpine. Since 1992, he has worked on dozens of environmental engineering projects across both the private and public sectors, including the cantons of Baselstadt, Bern, and Zurich, as well as on national and international projects for a large number of consultancy firms, ranging from recycling in Bratislava to a palmoil LCA in the Caribbean, green design, EIAs for municipal incinerators, asbestos abatement, pollution control, and hazardous goods storage and transport.

Our clients have included consultancy firms, such as Carbotech, Pöyry Svizzera, Swiss Federal Railways, AlpTransit, Sulzer, Siemens, as well as public entities, such as the Swiss Water Board, EAWAG, Zurich Polytechnic, ETH, SUPSI, USI, Bern University, BAFU, FOEN, SWISSAID, UNESCO and a number of Swiss cantonal authorities.


Transport and mobility is an area which Transalpine is very familiar with. Besides being the official translation agency for the AlpTransit Media Office, we have acquired expertise in nearly every aspect of transport for rail and road through the Alps. This covers safety, fire protection, tourism infrastructure, systems, low-emission vehicles, railway engineering, and media communications. The transport of hazardous goods, safety and accident prevention are just some of the subjects we deal with on a regular basis for organizations such as the Venice-Simplon Orient Express, Hupac Intermodal, the Swiss Federal Railways and others, such as Siemens and Sulzer Locomotive.

Tunnelling and Geology

Transalpine has a wealth of experience in translating documents related to tunnelling and geological surveys. As the official translation agency for the AlpTransit project during their planning phase for the Gotthard Base tunnel, and related projects, we have carried out numerous technical translations of their technical documents, media communications, brochures, website, and such things as the Zurich Polytechnic ETH investigation of the possible uses of tunnel spoil as aggregate. We have also translated documents for projects such as the Zurich Underground construction project, the Basel geothermal pilot programme, earthquake protection measures for Parliament House in Bern, and documents on various geological subjects, such as the geology of the Alps for tunnelling, and the Monte San Giorgio UNESCO heritage site.


Electrical and electronic engineering, solar power, and computers are among the topics we have translated often, for companies such as Kündig AG, Parna SA, Sulzer AG, Dell and Timonta SA.

Transalpine Translations

Business and Marketing

Brochures and marketing, correspondence, reports, promotions, advertising, agreements, T&Cs, Tradeshow copy


Business and Marketing

Companies, organisations and individuals who wish to operate beyond their linguistic restraints, need to find a means of communicating their message and corporate identity effectively to a target audience and business counterparts, who not only speak a different language, but view the world from within the context of a different culture. Marketing and business translations need to adjust texts to take these different mentalities into account.

Transalpine has as part of its mission the objective of translating commercial and marketing texts to effectively convey the intent behind the words.


Every business needs effective PR and media materials, which create its corporate image and convey its message to its target audience. Marketing is an art, as well as a science, and only long experience will make modern tools effective. We at Transalpine ensure that online marketing tools, such as SEO (search engine optimization) and website Content Engineering, match the traditional techniques which are still in use, for good reason.

The long list of clients whom we have aided in their marketing campaigns include firms such as Hupac International, Ribag Licht, HansGrohe, Switchward, VSOE, Valcambi, Metso, Concept-B, and many more.

Business Correspondence and Presentations

Internal and external communications often need to be translated into several languages by yesterday. The last stage in preparing a presentation is usually the translation, which needs to match in length and style the original PowerPoint slides, or printed and online formats. Transalpine is organised to meet your needs for urgency and consistency, without onerous surcharges.

Transalpine offers special multilingual translation packages, upon request, with our main languages being German, Italian, French, Spanish and English.

Publicity and Brochures

Promotional campaigns need good use of language to persuade and communicate the subtler side of messages. We have a lot of experience in preparing press, printed, and online marketing materials, adjusted for the cultural environment they will be used in.

Our clients have included the Municipal Councils of Morcote, Melide, and Mendrisio, the Arts Council of Ticino, the Monte Generoso Railway, the Art Museum of Mendrisio, media offices such as Concept-B, AlpTransit, and HansGrohe, and many other private companies.

Website Content and SEO

Transalpine specialises in website content. We have invested greatly in developing this capability. We now have an SEO practitioner on our staff, who advises clients on how best to enhance their organic search engine performance through careful structuring of content architecture. If done well, the investment can pay back enormously in savings on traditional marketing.

Transalpine Translations

Websites and SEO-designed Content

SEO-content, search engine optimization, website content, marketing integration